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Create Your Own Entryway: Three Easy Steps

Airbnb short-term rental apartment with various zones

I recently completed an Airbnb interior design project for a family of five looking to make extra income by renting their newly-renovated basement apartment. The space provided a beautiful blank slate for me to build out my design, but creating zones was one of the first things I mapped out during the design stage, and this space needed an entryway. Because we all tend to do the same things in our entryways, it can be rather formulaic. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring! This is the first thing that our guests see (or in the very least, that you see). So what does your entryway say about you and your space? What do you want to be reminded of when you or and guests come home? Are you a shoes-off household? Do you even have an entryway? This is the literal threshold of where you're beginning and ending your day, so you want to add personal touches that embellish these otherwise mundane rituals.

With the right approach and a few key elements, it's possible to make a functional and design-forward entry in any type of home. In this blog post, we'll explore how to create a defined entry in a small or open concept space using three main elements: a shoulder-height mirror with shelving, a small bench for seating and shoe storage, and a wall-mounted coat rack.

  1. Shoulder-Height Mirror with a Shelf

Add a small mirror with a shelf to create a functional entryway zone

The first element of a defined entryway is a shoulder-height mirror with a shelf. This serves two purposes: it provides a place to check your appearance before leaving the house and a spot to store keys and other odds-and-ends. The shelf can be used to store small items like wallets, phones, and sunglasses, keeping them easily accessible as you come and go. In this case, we created a DIY shelf from a leftover piece of marble, and brass brackets Home Depot. The look was inspired by a much more expensive CB2 shelf, so if you don't want to go the DIY route, this compact version is a solid alternative.

When choosing a mirror, opt for one that is the appropriate height for the members of your household. Additionally, make sure the shelf is sturdy enough to hold the items you plan to store on it.





  1. Small Bench for Seating and Shoe Storage

Entryway delineated by small, slender bench and wall-mounted organization solutions

The second element of a defined entryway is a small bench for seating and shoe storage. In a small space, it's important to maximize every inch of available space, so you can either use a bench with an open space for shoes underneath, or one with built-in shoe storage. This allows you to sit down and put on or take off your shoes, and it keeps footwear organized and out of the way.

We used my client's existing rustic bench in this space, but look for a slender bench with a simple design that doesn't take up too much space. A small sheepskin rug and a textured accent pillow or two will also add immediate warmth and dimension to your bench. It's also an easy alternative to an upholstered bench.

And of course... don't forget to add a plant! In this case, I selected a Snake plant, which is incredibly resilient and doesn't need much light or attention (which is important should your guests not have a green thumb!).





  1. Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

 Small space entryway storage with wall-mounted rackThe third element of a defined entryway is a wall-mounted coat rack. A wall-mounted coat rack takes up less floor space than a traditional coat rack, making it ideal for small spaces. It also keeps coats, hats, and bags organized and within easy reach.

When choosing a coat rack, look for one with four to six hooks (depending on the actual size of your space) to maximize the storage. Additionally, consider a coat rack with a shelf on top for storing additional items like hats and gloves.







Pulling it All Together

Airbnb short-term rental with delineated zones and spaces

Living in a small space can be challenging, especially when it comes to creating a defined entryway. In conclusion, creating a defined entry in a small space is an easy upgrade to make your home or short-term rental work better for you and your guests. With these three elements, it's possible to make the most of even the most compact spaces or open spaces, and to do so in an inviting and beautiful way.

PS: Our clients have been booked and busy ever since posting their rental! They received their first guest within a week and made a return on their investment within four weeks.

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