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Authentic mudcloth pillows are made from Mudcloth. This textile is made exclusively in Mali, West Africa, home to the great Mali Empire, one of the richest empires of all time, by any measure. "Mudcloth" is the English translation of the word bogolanfini, or bogolan for short, meaning cloth by means of mud or clay.

Dating back hundreds of years, every aspect of mudcloth's production involves specialized expertise and great patience. Mudcloth artisans may spend a lifetime learning and exploring all of its materials and design nuances and possibilities.

Production begins with cleaning and hand-spinning of cotton, then handweaving in long strips of fabric (by men), which are then sewn together to produce the larger pieces we use for pillows and other objects. Women apply the designs with mineral and vegetal pigments to create the pattern and designs we love.

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  • SIENNA De Novo Mudcloth Pillow Covers
    Sienna brown mudcloth pillows with minimalist geometric designs. Modern pillows made in USA, designed in Mali. Seen here with African art.
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